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Mother’s Day in the French Quarter and Nearby

New Orleans and the French Quarter in particular are fantastic options for Mother's Day (Sunday, May 12, 2024), from the elegant perfection of jazz brunches and the relaxing stroll on the scenic Mississippi Riverfront to exploring the magnificent architecture of the centuries-old streets and...

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French Quarter Shopping: The Best Perfumeries

New Orleans is often compared to a bewitching but temperamental woman. If that analogy is apt, then she’s also a perfumed one. From delicately fragrant honeysuckle and sweet olive to ghostly night-blooming cereus, floral scents hang heavy in New Orleans’ humid, subtropical air. They are as...

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Vintage Shopping in the French Quarter

Photo courtesy of Trashy Diva on FacebookIt’s often said that a stroll through the French Quarter is like stepping back in time. Whether you’re viewing 18th-century buildings like the St. Louis Cathedral, or taking in 1940s-era music at a jazz club, it’s easy to feel transported to a...

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5 Essential New Orleans Record Stores

LA Music Factory photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans on FlickrYes, you could fire up Spotify to stream your favorite New Orleans musicians — but the warmth, crackle and hiss of vinyl has so much more personality. (Not to mention that the beautifully designed sleeves can double as wall art.)...

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Cigars and the Good Life in the French Quarter

Photo by Trevor MarkCigars may not be native to Louisiana, but they have certainly taken firm root in the city’s celebrated culture of indulgence. The traditional finale to a rich meal, the cigar is also used to mark an important event such as the birth of a child or the completion of a big...

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Shopping for Discovery and Surprise

Photo by Infrogmation of New OrleansIn the battle against strip malls and generic chain operations, it seems like the merchants of New Orleans’ French Quarter can claim victory. Personality and individuality prevail here, and diverse, often family-owned and operated retail establishments line...

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Jewelry Stores in the French Quarter and Nearby

Photo courtesy of Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry on FacebookWhether you're looking for a gift or to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry New Orleans is a good choice for jewelry shopping. It has some of the best antique stores in the world, stocked with exquisite luxury items, plus...

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French Quarter Shopping: One-of-a-Kind Stores

French Market. Photo by Selena N.B.H. on FlickrShopping in the French Quarter runs a long gamut of opportunities: from high-end chain retail at Canal Place to magical-spell components at a voodoo-for-tourists shop located down a small back alleyway. You’ll find just about every version of...

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Hat Shopping in the French Quarter and Nearby

Photo courtesy of Fleur de Paris on FacebookThemed weddings. Mardi Gras balls. Thanksgiving at the racetrack. Afternoon tea. New Orleans offers no shortage of opportunities to don your finest hat — and thanks to its costume culture and over-the-top reputation, you can be sure that there’s no...

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Guide to the French Quarter for Seniors

Creole Queen photo by Brian Norwood on FlickrA city that celebrated its tricentennial back in 2018 will always have much to offer, and, like any multicultural place steeped in history and tradition, the French Quarter, in particular, has a non-wild side worth exploring. It may be tempting to get...

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