Artists in the French Quarter

'tit Rǝx
World's First Mardi Gras MicrokreweFounded in 2009, we are a krewe dedicated to all things small.Each year we put on a Mardi Gras parade...
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101 Runners
The merging of modern funk and Mardi Gras Indian music has come around with the advent of a group called 101 Runners.101 Runners are establishing...
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1239 Congress St | New Orleans
1239 Congress Street
1239 Congress operates as a multi-use space that creatively engages the surrounding community. Uses include, but are not limited to, acoustic music...
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2-Cent Entertainment
2- Cent Ent. is a standard of content for the young “hip hop” generation in all forms of entertainment: media, music, publications, and events....
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2B Tribe Dance and Theatre
Contemporary Dance Theatre Company led by Artistic Director Barry Stoneking.Barry Stoneking has been dancing for as long as he can remember,...
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1638 Clio St | New Orleans
3 Ring Circus Arts Education Center
The mission of 3 Ring Circus Arts Education Center, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, is to provide arts education and community development...
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5 Finger Discount
One of the bands causing a buzz around the music scene these days is 5 Finger Discount (5FD). Started in 1999 out of New Orleans, LA., 5FD has become...
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P.O. Box 1361 | Metairie
610 Stompers
The 610 Stompers were conceived on a simple premise – that Ordinary Men could and should entertain the world with Extraordinary Moves – the 610...
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Red Light Management, 925 W. 7th Ave | Denver
7 Walkers
7 Walkers is national / local supergroup consisting of Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead on drums, Papa Mali on guitar / vocals, the legendary New...
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1910 Urquhart St | New Orleans
7th Ward Neighborhood Center
The 7th Ward Neighborhood Center is a community-based neighborhood center located in New Orleans’ historic 7th Ward area. The Center is sponsored...
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