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Cigars and the Good Life in New Orleans

By: Ian McNulty Cigars may not be native to Louisiana, but they have certainly taken firm root in the city's celebrated culture of indulgence. The traditional finale to a rich meal, the cigar is also used to mark an important event such as the birth of a child or the completion of a big...Read More

How to Dress for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Mode by David Fary Costumes are to the Carnival season as peanut butter is to jelly - frankly, they’re indispensable. If you’re in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras (or the Carnival time that precedes it) and need a little costume inspiration before the height of parade season,...Read More

French Quarter One-of-a-Kind Series: Uncommon Scents

By: Tara McLellan Top to bottom: Hové Parfumeurs Owner Amy van Calsem Wendel, Perfumed strips each featuring hand-blended Hové scents, Hové room scents and scented candles. When visiting Hové Parfumeurs in the heart of the French Quarter there are two things you can be sure of - the...Read More

Quarter Top Hats: Kabuki Design Studio

By: Tara McLellan A Small Selection of Designs from Kabuki Design Studios' Owner & Designer Tracy Thomson For milliner and accessories designer Tracy Thomson, her artistic career has truly come full circle in New Orleans. "Hats basically start out as circles. Circles to me represent...Read More

French Quarter One-of-a-Kind Series: An Enlightening Experience at Bevolo Gas and Electric

By: Tara McLellan A wide range of unique hand-crafted gas & electric lanterns from Bevolo Drew Bevolo, third generation owner of Bevolo Gas and Electric, is unlike most business owners. Sure, he can give you the facts and figures of last month’s sales, what designs the company...Read More

Back to Her Roots: Spiritual Sustenance, Insight and Healing at Erzulie’s

By: Tara McLellan Top to bottom: The 'Root Queen' Anna Parmelee; Erzulie's Authentic Voodoo shop in the French Quarter Anna Parmelee may have been known for many titles throughout her life - broadcast media professional, advertising executive, licensed airplane pilot - but her favorite...Read More

Fashion Forward in the French Quarter

By: Tara McLellan Whether you're already a diva or a diva in training, a chic chick or a trendsetter, a deal spotter or a vintage collector, New Orleans has the girl gear for you. From rock star to pretty princess, glamour girl to tomboy, in a town that truly embraces the individual, these...Read More

French Quarter Shopping: One-of-a-Kind Stores

Photo by Selena N.B.H. on flickr. Shopping in the French Quarter runs a long gamut of opportunities: from high end chain retail in at The Shops at Canal Place to magical spell components at a voodoo-for-tourists shop located down a small back alleyway. You’ll find just about every version...

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By: Jyl Benson Art, Antiques, Fashion and Collectibles Abound in the French Quarter New Orleans ' French Quarter merchants have won the battle against strip malls and generic chain operations. Personality and individuality prevail here and richly diverse, often family owned and...

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By: Jyl Benson Top to bottom: M.S. Rau's Chevy Chase sideboard. Sideboard Detail. Antique Pistols from Cohen & Sons. A Shopper Browsing a Display of Antique Armaments In the mid-1800s furniture maker Gerrard Robinson of Newcastle, England, was oddly inspired to dedicate six years...

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By: Jyl Benson Retro-Vintage-Estate-Antique. By any name it's dazzle to die for... While the practice of wooing women with jewels may offend some gals, they probably aren’t from New Orleans. Throughout the ages Southern women have typically responded with great zeal to gemstone-laden...

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By: Jyl Benson One of the Quarter's specialty music stores, the Louisiana Music Factory The lack of formality that pervades New Orleans’ live music scene also distinguishes the city’s most rewarding retail music shops, most of which are located within blocks of one another in the French...

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By: Jyl Benson Since 1929, the Bottom of the Cup has been offering coffee, tea and psychic guidance Many local facets associated with alternative belief systems can be traced to the days of slavery when a myriad of faiths amalgamated into what is commonly regarded as voodoo, which came to...

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By: Tara McLellan Top to Bottom: Fleur de Paris Shop Window Display & Details (images 1-3); A fun floral & faux Leopard chapeau; Joe Parrino, Jr. will help you pick a show-stopping accessory It has often been said that it is the accessories that make the outfit. Never has...

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By: Tara McLellan Candles from Akeewakee When designer Akee Sukkajongwong first came up with the idea of a clean burning soy candle, he and Corey Walsh, fellow owner of the French Quarter boutique Akeewakee, had no idea they had actually hit upon a luxury product that would take their...

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