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Bar & Grills
Laid-back and eclectic dining options in the French Quarter. Our fun bar & grills are perfect for late-night dining, many with great selections of local and imported beer.
Bourbon Street Clubs
Every night is full of color and fun on Bourbon Street. No trip to the Quarter is complete without at least one tour of its sights and sounds
High-energy performances. These cabarets deliver on the promise of a fun, interactive evening on the town.
Daiquiris & Specialty Drinks
Daiquiri? Hurricane? These favorite specialty drinks abound in the French Quarter. Perfect for cooling off while strolling the sights.
Dance Clubs
Looking for the crowds in the wee hours of the morning? You'll find them in the French Quarter dance clubs which, in many cases, never close.
Gay Bars
The French Quarter gay scene is world-famous for two reasons: great location and great fun. You'll find all of these great places to dance, carouse or cruise within easy walking distance of each other.
Gentlemen's Club
Of course, baudy nautiness is always available on Bourbon Street. Here's a roadmap.
Live Music Clubs
It's why you came to New Orleans: Jazz, Dixie-Land, R&B, Brass-Hop, Cajun, Salsa, country. You hardly need to look for great music in the French Quarter, great music will find you.
Taverns go right to the heart of the nightlife experience. Upscale or low-rent, French Quarter taverns are full of colorful characters.
Upscale Lounges
If you crave some extravagant elixers in cosmopolitan settings, here are some sleek venues for friendly French Quarter gatherings.
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Comprehensive listing of every nightlife establishment in the French Quarter.



















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