Katrina Gives New Meaning To Refrigerator Art

By: FrenchQuarter.com Staff

October 21, 2005 – Imagine the skankiest, stinkinest, nastiest, knock-you-down, most sickening smell in the world, then add some. New Orleanians returning home weeks after evacuating for the hurricane faced refrigerators from Hell among the clean-up miseries. Most gave up on kitchen appliances gone toxic, just strapped them up with duct-tape and hauled them to the street for pick-up and proper disposal by the EPA. But the French Quarter harbors a high percentage of artists, not to mention an above average quotient of wise-asses so art and political graffitti blossomed in unlikely places post-Katrina. Alas, beauty and satire are all destined for the dump – someday soon.

Note: As off Friday October 21, refrigerators artful and not, are gone from about half the streets in the Quarter. The pick-up crews are making steady progress. Across New Orleans the EPA reports that some 3000 appliances a day are processed in the New Orleans East toxic dump station.

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