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Edible Homework: Cooking Schools Share the New Orleans Culinary Experience

By: Ian McNulty Visitors who think a clutch of plastic beads, a hurricane glass and an obscene T-shirt are the best they can bring back home from a trip to New Orleans clearly haven’t experienced one of the city’s distinctive cooking schools. Anne Gormly has, and after a lunchtime class...Read More

Experience New Orleans Mardi Gras Like a Local

If you're a true Mardi Gras fan like us, you started counting down the days until Carnival as the ball dropped on New Year's Eve. While Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday, known as Carnival season, make Mardi Gras one of the best times to...Read More

Gardens of the French Quarter – St. Anthony’s Garden

By: Sally Reeves Detail, Ignace Broutin, Plan de la Nouvelle Orléans telle qu'elle estoit le premier janvier mil sept cent trente-deux. French Centre des archives d'outre-mer 04DFC 90A. Broutin's plan of the garden and the Capuchin complex in 1732. Several drainage features seem to be...Read More

Grand Chorus Without End at the Old Cathedral in Jackson Square

By: Sally Reeves Every quarter-hour, the thin peal of bells at St. Louis Cathedral calls saints and sinners, mostly the latter. They clang out a slightly off-key sound, as if they well know the offbeat rhythms of the neighborhood below them. The pulse of a circus atmosphere around the church...Read More

Type Spotting: Historic Building Styles in the French Quarter

By: Sally Reeves A keen eye and quick list can unveil the salient patterns of French Quarter building types. Most antebellum sorts come in "Creole," "American," and a mix of the two. Those built after the Civil War and later are generally "Eastlake," or sometimes "Craftsman" cottages. There are...Read More

By: Jyl Benson In 1947 Tennessee Williams penned “A Streetcar Named Desire,” effectively immortalizing the public transit line that, from the 1920s, served the rollicking French Quarter as well as the working class Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods, located downriver. Sadly, the last car...

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By: Ian McNulty The Mississippi River looms large in the American identity, from the history and literature taught in schools to the nation’s modern economy. In New Orleans, you can easily experience the river in all its bustling activity, natural splendor and historical significance...

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Photo courtesy of French QuarTour Kids on Facebook While "child-friendly" or "family-friendly" may not automatically come to mind when, say, Bourbon Street is mentioned, New Orleans is packed with things you can do as a family, for kids of all ages. Here are our favorite family-friendly...

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Bourbon Street: The Complete Block-by-Block Guide

These days, many guides to New Orleans will tell you to ‘get off of Bourbon Street’, the implication being that the 13 block strip of neon, bars, clubs, restaurants and more bars is too lowbrow for your time. To which we say: well, OK, when you’ve seen your tenth tourist sip out of a...

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The Dark Side of the Quarter

By: Jyl Benson Throughout the course of its history the French Quarter has all but sounded a siren’s call to extreme personalities. Depending upon what drives them they may lob off the heads of chickens and invoke mysterious spirits while chanting and dancing around a burning fire, as did...

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Oldest Features of the French Quarter

By: Sally Reeves Secluded in the muddle of the French Quarter's raucous street life linger elements that still impart a kind of stately antiquity. They are Spanish and French-era pieces. Some are rightly celebrated for their survival of the epochs; others, dressed in garish costumes at the shop...

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By: Sally Reeves It took two years to build and two decades to renovate. To some it was an elegant City Beautiful triumph of slum clearance, to others an out-of-scale offense to an historic neighborhood. Home to landmark legal decisions and antique documents, it gave way to stuffed birds,...

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By: Sally Reeves Jackson Square, and the land around it, was always for the use of the public, or so it seemed. There was the church, and the priests' house, and the town hall with the prison. There was the square itself, with its parade ground, and the view of the river. The idea of flanking...

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By: Staff The New Orleans French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina looks pretty much the way it did before. Thank goodness. And residents and shopowners have been busy cleaning, polishing and sprucing up the old city for company coming.'s been on the streets...

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By: Tara McLellan Top to bottom: Hové Parfumeurs Owner Amy van Calsem Wendel, Perfumed strips each featuring hand-blended Hové scents, Hové room scents and scented candles. When visiting Hové Parfumeurs in the heart of the French Quarter there are two things you can be sure of - the...

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