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Bourbon Street: The Complete Block-by-Block Guide

These days, many guides to New Orleans will tell you to ‘get off of Bourbon Street’, the implication being that the 13 block strip of neon, bars, clubs, restaurants and more bars is too lowbrow for your time. To which we say: well, OK, when you’ve seen your tenth tourist sip out of a...Read More

New Orleans Pralines, Sweet Southern Confections

By: Ian McNultyNew Orleans Pralines, photo courtesy of Southern Candymakers on FacebookMr. Clark - A New Orleans Praline LandmarkWhen the historic St. Charles Avenue streetcar comes to its rattling, end-of-the-line halt at the edge of the French Quarter, visitors step out of...Read More

The Brennan Family: A Luscious Legacy

By: Ian McNultyTop to Bottom: Brennan's Restaurant; Bacco Restaurant; Palace Cafe; Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse; Dickie Brennan's Bourbon HouseNew Orleans is famous for its Creole interpretation of French cuisine, but one of the most famous names in the New Orleans culinary scene...Read More

Crossing Esplanade: French Quarter’s Neighbor Is a Bustling Bohemian Scene

By: Ian McNultyTop to Bottom: Holy Smokes Cafe, Hand-rolled cigars from New Orleans Cigar Factory, Cigar Rolling Demonstration at Cigar Factory, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse.Cigars may not be native to Louisiana, but they have certainly taken firm root in the city's celebrated...Read More

Style, Flavor and History:  Exploring the “Grande Dames” of Creole Dining

By: Ian McNultyTop to Bottom: Galatoire's, Antoine's & Brennan's RestaurantsOnly in New Orleans - and perhaps only at Galatoire's Restaurant (209 Bourbon St., 504-525-2021) - would people greet with apprehension the news that soon they would no longer need to stand in line on...Read More

Edible Homework: Cooking Schools Share the New Orleans Culinary Experience

By: Ian McNultyVisitors who think a clutch of plastic beads, a hurricane glass and an obscene T-shirt are the best they can bring back home from a trip to New Orleans clearly haven’t experienced one of the city’s distinctive cooking schools.Anne Gormly has, and after a lunchtime class...Read More

Seasoned with Celebrity – Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse and Susan Spicer

By: Ian McNultyTop to Bottom: K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen; Chef Paul Prudhomme; Chef Susan Spicer; Bayona Restaurant; Emeril Lagasse's NOLA Restaurant.For the past century, the musicians of New Orleans have used instruments, concert halls and recordings to tell the world about the...Read More

The Team Effort that Builds a Great New Orleans Meal

By: Ian McNultyDelicious Culinary Team CreationsFood-lovers from casual tourists to cultural scholars have long been fascinated by the long and winding road that is New Orleans’ distinctive culinary heritage, with its rich traditions and polyglot influences. But when it comes to...Read More

Cajun, Creole or Somewhere In Between?

Visitors can be forgiven for some confusion over the difference between Cajun and Creole cuisines. After all, many life-long New Orleanians have trouble articulating just what separates one from the other, while national chain restaurants have long obscured the distinction with vague menu...Read More

New Orleans’ Po-Boy Is A Rich Food Tradition

By: Ian McNulty The name for New Orleans' most famous sandwich, the po-boy, harkens back to its humble, scrappy origins. That heritage must have given the po-boy some special resilience because, as New Orleans rebuilt from Hurricane Katrina, po-boys were one of the most prevalent of local...Read More

Best Kept Secrets for Eating Cheap and Eating Well in the Quarter

By: Renee Kientz New Orleans is known for its food and the French Quarter, in particular, has long been home to many of the city's finest and most high-end eateries. You can expect to experience quintessential New Orleans fare at places like Antoines, Brennan's, Galatoire's and others, and every...Read More

By: StaffRaising the Restored Presbytere CupolaMost people gaze upon the beautiful panorama of Jackson Square and observe the symmetrical layout of the buildings. The Presbytere and the Cabildo flank St. Louis Cathedral like mirror images. Yet, astute observers will...

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Best Pizza in the French Quarter

Photo courtesy of Louisiana Pizza Kitchen on FacebookGood pizza isn't hard to find in New Orleans, although it's not one of the city's signature offerings, like gumbo or a po-boy. There's no loyalty to any specific style (deep dish vs. thin crust, for instance), and the pizzerias run the...

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Photo courtesey of Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak on FacebookThe 13-block strip of Bourbon Street is not all neon hustle and gigantic drinks in souvenir cups. It's actually home to some of the most vibrant restaurants in the city — high and low, round-the-clock, world-famous — and just...

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Best Muffulettas in the French Quarter and Nearby

One of New Orleans' most celebrated creations is a tall, bready Sicilian-Cajun invention that reflects the city's diverse cultural and culinary heritage. The muffuletta goes back to the 19th century, when the French Quarter was sometimes referred to as "Little Palermo," and its Sicilian...

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Sazerac courtesy of The Bombay ClubIf a traditional French Quarter breakfast can end with a dessert, maybe it’s not so surprising that it can also begin with a cocktail.Indeed, at Brennan’s Restaurant (417 Royal St., 504-525-9711), the lavish and almost canonized breakfast menu...

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Reveillon Dinners: Awakening the Holiday Spirit One Feast at a Time

Every Reveillon dinner is a feast to reawaken the senses and celebrate the joys of the seasonIt's hard to picture a city that takes culinary tradition more seriously than New Orleans, where old Creole dining customs and iconic dishes contribute so much to the distinctive local cuisine. But...

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Proof is in the Bread Pudding—Chefs Add Variety to New Orleans’ Classic Dessert

When most bread goes stale it gets tossed in the trash or fed to the birds. But for some lucky loaves, going stale is just the beginning of a transformation into bread pudding-the ambrosial dessert that is a mainstay finale at Creole restaurants across New Orleans.Though its roots go back...

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French Quarter Food Delivery

Photo courtesy of Oceana Grill on FacebookAfter a long day of New Orleans sightseeing - or after a long night out listening to music/downing cocktails/sampling beer at local breweries - it’s nice to have your food come to you, rather than the other way around. To that end, you need to know...

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Photo courtesy of Willie Mae's Scotch HouseThere’s no greater evidence of New Orleanians’ passion for fried chicken than last year’s inaugural Fried Chicken Festival. When more than 40,000 chicken-loving attendees mobbed the fest, many vendors sold out of fried chicken. Those who...

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Photo courtesy of Antoine's Restaurant on FacebookNot that we need any encouragement to eat in this city (and eat well), but the dining deals didn't end in August with COOLinary. New Orleans is heading into Restaurant Week, with 104 restaurants (!) participating this year. Between September...

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Try the Best Coffee in the French Quarter

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde by Selena N. B. H. on flickrAs befits one of the most European and Caribbean cities in the country, New Orleans loves coffee. This city was sipping on the stuff long before it became popular across the rest of the USA, and some of our oldest cafes...

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