Artists in the French Quarter

537 South Peters St | New Orleans
American Italian Cultural Center
The American Italian Museum is located within the American Italian Cultural Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The museum tells the history of...
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Anais St. John
Anais St. John is a native New Orleanian who has worked in the music, theater and the modeling industry for the past ten years. After she earned a...
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Anders Osborne
Anders Osborne was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, and raised on Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea, Anders Osborne began his musical education by listening...
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Andrew Block
Andrew Block is a New Orleans based funk, soul and rhythm & blues guitarist, currently touring with producer/dj Gramatik. He has shared the stage and...
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Andrew Duhon
Andrew Duhon began his writing in highschool as a result of his fascination with the works of Emerson and Thoreau as well as poets Walt Whitman and...
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Anne Rice
Anne Rice was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in English and Creative Writing from San Francisco State...
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Antoine Diel
Antoine Reynaldo Diel was born in Manila, Philippines. Hailing from a musical family, Antoine sang from childhood in church as well as competitions...
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230 Devon Dr | Mandeville
Arthur Hardy
Arthur Hardy, a fifth-generation New Orleanian, is recognized as a premiere authority on Mardi Gras. Since 1977, his Mardi Gras brand has stretched...
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513 Elysian Fields Ave | New Orleans
Art Klub
Non-Profit Organization for Art.
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Art Neville
If you're lucky enough to be born in New Orleans, you've automatically inherited a lush tapestry of traditions, of which the richest, most...
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