French Quarter Nightlife Feature Stories

Pop In for a Drink at the Best Creole Restaurants

Galatoire's Restaurant by rulenumberone2By: Ian McNultyNo one should leave New Orleans without experiencing its distinctive Creole restaurants, but whittling down the city’s long list of outstanding establishments to fit your budget and time constraints can be a real challenge. After...Read More

Bourbon Street: The Complete Block-by-Block Guide

These days, many guides to New Orleans will tell you to ‘get off of Bourbon Street’, the implication being that the 13 block strip of neon, bars, clubs, restaurants and more bars is too lowbrow for your time. To which we say: well, OK, when you’ve seen your tenth tourist sip out of a...Read More

The Best Live Music Clubs in the Quarter

House of Blues, NOLA by Jeff ShewanThe live music scene in the French Quarter is a feast with many courses, and one that caters to many different appetites.Looking for Dixieland jazz? Got it. Want to hear Cajun and zydeco rhythms? They come direct from the bayous to Bourbon Street...Read More

Kids grow up in New Orleans with dreams of being jazz musicians rather than rock stars. The trumpet is regarded locally as a sexier instrument and members of high school marching bands have the incomparable locker room bragging rights of accompanying Mardi Gras parades through the city streets...

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Crossing Esplanade: French Quarter’s Neighbor Is a Bustling Bohemian Scene

By: Ian McNultyTop to Bottom: Holy Smokes Cafe, Hand-rolled cigars from New Orleans Cigar Factory, Cigar Rolling Demonstration at Cigar Factory, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse.Cigars may not be native to Louisiana, but they have certainly taken firm root in the city's celebrated...Read More

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Lineup

It's almost that time of year again- time to sip icy cold rosemint herbal iced tea, snack on warm crawfish bread, and sway to the music of local and international musicians under the warm New Orleans sun. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in New...Read More

Rubbing the Right Way: The Infectious Sounds and Long Evolution of Zydeco Music

By: Ian McNultyLouisiana Zydeco MusiciansIt's Thursday night at the Mid-City Lanes Rock 'n' Bowl (4133 S. Carrollton Ave., 504-482-3133), a vintage, second-floor bowling alley located near the geographic center of New Orleans. Bowlers are rolling strikes and gutter balls on the lanes, but...Read More

Dancing to Latin and Louisiana Sounds in New Orleans

By: Ian McNultyTop to Bottom: Hot Venues for Latin Music - Blue Nile, House of Blues, Tipitina's Uptown.Cajun and Zydeco In Uptown New Orleans, the likeness of R&B legend Professor Longhair looks down on the dance floor of Tipitina's (501 Napoleon Ave., 504-895-8477), a...Read More

The Irish Pubs of the French Quarter

By: Ian McNulty The French Quarter, despite its name, has quite a bit of Irish blood running through it.Like old port cities of the East Coast, New Orleans saw a huge influx of Irish people in the 19th century, and for a time the Celtic brogue was heard as commonly on the streets here as...

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Classic Cocktails and Modern Thirsts in the French Quarter

Sazerac courtesy of The Bombay ClubIf a traditional French Quarter breakfast can end with a dessert, maybe it’s not so surprising that it can also begin with a cocktail.Indeed, at Brennan’s Restaurant (417 Royal St., 504-525-9711), the lavish and almost canonized breakfast menu...

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NOLA Snug Tomcats 2 by Infrogmation of New OrleansJazz lives in New Orleans, and it comes out to play in the French Quarter.Every night in the Quarter, old masters and young lions take to the stage to continue the city’s rich jazz traditions and guide the music’s future. Below, we...

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By: Ian McNultyWhen the University of New Orleans wanted to hold a concert in 2001 to mark the retirement of the school's jazz studies director, organizers had to recruit just one bass player to round out their ensemble for the show. They knew all the rest of the players they needed - the...

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