Vox and the Hound
Vox and the Hound

Vox and the Hound

Vox and the Hound is:

Leo DeJesus - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
D Ray - Keys, Trombone, Melodica, Percussion, Vocals
Rory Callais - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Jarman - Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Eric Rogers - Drums, Percussion

Since their debut at NOIR Collective's 2010 Foburg Fest, Vox and the Hound has ripped across the small local club scene, winning more and more hearts and ears with their brand of psychedelic, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, folk-country sound. After releasing their debut EP “Hermosa” in January 2011, the band is continuing full steam ahead into what they hope to be an equally (if not more) successful LP by November 2012. Creating and recording music they can be proud of, that's priority one. Everything else has to fall in line behind that. A way to build and develop ideas and creativity in a way that was not yet available to any of the five members. To explore new material and new styles and let the music lead them as it decides to. The only hope is that everyone is as enamored by what comes out of it as they are. (Facebook)