The Scorseses
The Scorseses were recognized for “Best Band Reinventing Their Game” in 2011 by the Best of the Big Easy Awards for Where Y’at Magazine. We have also played many festivals including Gulfport Music Festival, Houston Beer Festival, Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo, Houston Oktoberfest, ArtMelt, Heart of Texas RockFest, Red Gorilla Music Festival, as well as rocking everywhere in between. We have had the honor of sharing the stage with many great musicians, including touring with the legendary Fishbone in early 2013 which helped broaden our fan base. This year, we also entered the studio to record our first full length album “Magnumopus” released on September 28, 2013 and we were honored to perform at the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans this November 2013.

As musicians, we truly attain contentment through musical expression and the connection that is made with music enthusiasts. This zeal for harmonious mastery drives our music to new levels. We are fortunate to claim New Orleans as our birthplace and we feel that rhythm and harmony exists within our souls. There are many musical genres that heavily impact how our sound has developed and a combination of funk, metal, jazz, reggae, and rock comprises our foundation. We inspire each other musically and continue to be wavered by new and innovative ideas from fellow artists. High energy live performances are something that we take great pride in. While it is difficult to describe in words, a live show must be experienced to fully appreciate. We have recently upgraded our lineup to include a full horn section to complete our eight person group. The Scorseses have been described as high energy, horn-driven progressive rock with a subtle punk and New Orleans funk undertone. Focused guitar riffs bolstered by driving bass lines and a powerful horn section, The Scorseses present a measure of radio ready alt-rock that is familiar, yet distinct.