The Pinettes Brass Band
The Pinettes Brass Band

The Pinettes Brass Band

(504) 915-0434
World's Only All Female Brass Band

Christie A. Jourdain - Snare Drum/Leader
Janine "Tuba Shorty" Waters - Tuba/Assist. Leader
Casandra French-King - Bass Drum
Dionne Harrison - Trombone
Nicole Elwood - Trombone
Dee Holmes - Trombone
Natasha "Saxy Lady" Harris - Saxophone
Veronique Dorsey - Trumpet
Tylita Curtain - Trumpet
Jazz Henry - Trumpet

And Then There Was Us:

The Original Pinettes Brass Band

Whoever said, "A dream can't become reality" didn't know the Original Pinettes Brass Band.

The Original Pinettes Brass Band, World's Only All female Brass Band, was formed by Mr. Jefferey Herbert in 1991. Each member born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, attended St. Mary's Academy High School an all-girl catholic school. Beginning with 16 or more members, the Original Pinettes ended up with not only St. Mary's females but other females around the town.

The Original Pinettes Brass Band can be seen at many different venues, such as: The Jazz & Heritage Festival, The Satchmo Festival, The Essence Music Festival, and The French Quarter Festival, just to name a few. They also experienced traveling overseas when they performed in Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara Turkey. The ladies also have a long resume around the town for doing parties, wedding, conventions, schools, nursing homes, etc....The band has very much in common with the other male brass bands around the city. The only difference being is the Original Pinettes are all females! The ladies gained more respect when they were crowned the winners of the 2013 Red Bull "Street Kings" brass band blowout competition when they beat three other male brass bands changing the name to Red Bull "Street QUEENS!"

Some of the ladies specialize in other careers, also. From college students to a computer tech, some of the ladies are mothers and wives. Nothing will get in the way of these ladies who consider one another sisters. "We're not blood related, we're love related...." says leader, Christie Jourdain.

Riding down the disloyal roads of the entertainment business, the ladies still haven't had a chance to show much of the world their skills. Knocked down so many times, the band remain standing tall and faithful. "Not even Hurricane Katrina could stop us from doing what we love." Said Janine Waters of the band. "The band member were misplaced after the storm hit. We were in six different cities, not knowing if everyone (and their families) made it out safely. But now, we are back like you never heard us before! The Original Pinettes Brass Band is here to stay....Thank you, GOD!"

Today, the band is still on a journey of becoming the best in the business and to take over this male dominant industry. The Original Pinettes Brass Band dream is to travel worldwide and to show everyone that music definitely is a universal language!