Nicole Lynn Foxx
Performing under the name Nicole Lynn Foxx, Louis Moore first began his drag career at the New Orleans Bourbon Pub/Parade where he was crowned the 2011 "Queen of the Night" at the annual "Oh What a Drag!" NO/AIDS fundraiser. It was in 2012 when he begin to explore his potential as a drag entertainer.

Prior to drag, Louis started his artistic endeavors while attending the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts while in high school where he studied Vocal Music. While there, he participated in a number of recitals and opera scenes. After high school in 2008, Louis interned at Ashe Cultural Art Center as a production assistant where he had the opportunity to interact with and observe professional performers of all disciplines.

Sometimes referred to as Nikki, Louis has developed his own style that he describes as "fun and dramatic with high energy and sometimes a vintage twist." He also pulls inspiration from different characters and performers such as Grace Jones, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Natalie Cole.

In a short amount of time Louis has been able to exhibit an illusion that has gained the respect of his peers, both gay and straight, as well as the mentorship of many local and national performers. Since becoming a drag entertainer, he as been fortunate to grace the stage of a number of bars/clubs and venues and also hosts Drag Dinner every second and fourth Tuesday night at the Country Club in New Orleans