Linda Green
Ms. Linda Green is well-known and highly regarded as a New Orleans Icon in the community.
In addition to her local notoriety, she is internationally known as the winner of Food Network’s Chopped Pride of New Orleans and has been featured on internationally syndicated TV shows including Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Larry the Cable Guy and United Taste of America. She won the Vegan Gumbo Contest for Food Network in 2013. For the past 20 years+, Ms. Linda has sold her Soul Food along second line routes, food events and festivals. She’s been featured in numerous local and national publications.

“I love what I do. I love to cook. Chefs and doctors; we never stop learning”
Cooking has always been a part of Chef Linda’s life – as a child learning from her mother, Shirley Green, helping her mother with cooking and selling Ya-Ka-Mein, working for the Orleans Parish School Board in Food Service. Then Hurricane Katrina hit, and she wasn’t called back to work. However, since Ms. Linda already had a following from selling her food part time at festivals and local events, she made a decision to become a full-time culinary entrepreneur. Her menu consists of home-cooking, soul food and New Orleans classics.

“Ya-Ka-Mein is one of New Orleans’ well-best-kept secrets. It is a soup. They call it Old Sober.”
Ms. Linda is world famous as the guardian of the secret juice recipe in her Ya-Ka-Mein. Taught how to make the broth by her mother, Ms. Linda keeps the tradition by lacing the broth with the perfect mixes of spices – not quite Asian, not quite Southern – adding noodles, green onions, a hard-boiled egg an hot sauce. It’s a sure-fire remedy for a New Orleans’ size headache, which is why it’s known as “Old Sober.”

Variety is the Spice of Life
The recipe is a family, and a cultural, tradition.
Ms. Linda offers Ya-Ka-Mein with a variety of tasty proteins including Traditional Beef, Shrimp, Duck, Alligator and a combo of Shrimp and Beef. For those vegetarians, she make a delicious Vegetarian option!