Jeanne Umbdenstock
Jeanne Umbdenstock

Jeanne Umbdenstock

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My artwork is inspired by a vibrant life lived in New Orleans, the heart of the Mississippi delta.
I have studied its fauna, birds, water, trees, and architecture all of my life. I have shoebox files of my photographic appreciation of them (as well as stacks of sketchbooks filled with pencil renderings and color studies). These are my food for my creative soul.

Acrylic modeling paste gives me a head start on giving me my desired movement and texture on the canvas. Then I apply a basecoats of bright colored acrylic as a background. In mid-stream I swap over to the workability of oil paint. I always allow room for artistic happenstances and diversions: such as experimenting with applications of my found objects or my stock-pile of fabrics.
My canvases sing with cool Gulf Coast blues, grape purple, and parrot greens, and dance with lemon-ice yellows, hot ice cream pinks, and sunset oranges.
My artwork is a dash of realism, a pinch of abstraction, and a dollop of the surreal.

My collages are my playground of intrigue, whimsy, and love: each one having its own unique character.

I save interesting do-dads, clothing manufacturers’ labels, jewels, feathers, fabric tidbits,
and even thin strips of painted and twisted canvas. I arranged and rearranged on top of prepared painted boards as if they are in a unrehearsed dance recital. When the arrangement is complete,
I secured them invisibly with glue and/or thread.

Resin Jewelry- (see on my Pinterest,
My resin jewelry pendants are made by a layering technique that contains a photo vignette of one of my painting images and is topped with layers upon layers of clear special resin (it is my own special technique that I hatched up in the secrecy of my studio). I sign and number the front and label the name of my painting(that the image comes from) on the back.
Each pendant is a fine miniature work of art that shines like glass !

Collectors desire my artwork because they love how I created it and it stirs their imagination.

Please check out “My Professional Resume” on my website,, for a list of my accomplishments, exhibits, and awards.