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Randy Leo Frechette -– a.k.a. Frenchy –- has been drawing since he could grip a pencil. In grade school he impressed friends with caricatures of teachers and classmates, but he did not realize his true calling until The Boston Horns approached him in Orlando and persuaded him to paint their performance live.

From that point forward, Frenchy has led a colorful and dynamic ride with stops at concert venues and sports stadiums all over the globe. Based in the talent-rich city of New Orleans , Frenchy is an ambassador to the arts
and a bastion of creativity.

His presence fills venues both large and small with an explosion of creative spirit. Frenchy captivates onlookers with his artistry in motion –- painting events in real-time as they unfold before him. His performance is captivating and its end-result is awe-inspiring.

Since 1997, Frenchy has called New Orleans his home and his muse. The vibrant local music scene pushes the artist's creativity and expressiveness to new limits. And he has branched out further by tapping into the city's sporting events -– ranging from weekly Saints game as the “official team artist” to Super Bowls and
NCAA Championships. During Mardi Gras season he can be seen marching in parades, painting onto to canvas while other toss beads.

He is as “ New Orleans ” as red beans and rice on Monday, yet he doesn't limit
himself to the Crescent City . Frenchy aggressively tours the country, painting events in order to quench his creative thirst. He hits music festivals and sporting
events across the globe, while also pausing for commissions and studio pieces. All the while he bounces along with a care-free step and creative smile.

The list of people and organizations collecting his work is impressive -– from rock stars to CEOs.

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8319 Oak St  New Orleans, 70118