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2-Cent Entertainment

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2- Cent Ent. is a standard of content for the young “hip hop” generation in all forms of entertainment: media, music, publications, and events. 2cent has set its self forth as the one company that truly speaks for the young generation by educating and entertaining at the same time. By showing what young people want to see plus what they need to see. 2-cent is a standard of content, commitment, and quality. 2-Cent started out as a hypothetical idea amongst a group of diversely talented college students who were tired of being subject to the common television programming targeted toward our demographic. With just an idea and without a budget nor any professional guidance we currently offer 3 media outlets poised with the mission of changing the way society sees our generation.

Our mission is to be in the forefront of the entertainment of young people in New Orleans and the country. Not just in the forefront by popularity, but also in the forefront as for importance and placement in the upward mobility of young people. We feel that 2-cent has a purpose in reshaping the type of entertainment young people will accept. Everything with the “2-cent” stamp on it will have a standard of content and quality. From the TV show, to the CDs, to the Newsletter to the many events, 2-cent will be the voice, and will represent the voices that will change this generation.
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