La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes
La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes
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La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes

2316 Dauphine St.  New Orleans, 70117
(504) 948-3420

You might have heard people say that New Orleans is like San Francisco, Savannah, Charleston, Paris, or Marseilles. It’s not.
The biggest difference is that the streets are exploding with live music all year round.
You’ve never seen such “street theater”. Our most cherished visitors come for our food, music, architecture, history, artists, and writers.
The ambiance is very much like the French Caribbean.
We live in the old French area, much like my Creole ancestors did, coming from France and Spain in 1718 and 1793, respectively.
My mother and father grew up speaking French just a few houses away from us.
Our district, Faubourg Marigny, is a quieter version of the adjacent French Quarter—the main difference being that you can actually sleep at night here.
It’s the safe, artist/gay residential area with about 70 bed and breakfasts.
Within a couple minutes walk of our front door, you have access to restaurants such as Marigny Brasserie, Feelings, La Peniche, Mona’s, Wasabi, Adolfo’s, and bars such as the Spotted Cat, d.b.a., Checkpoint Charlie’s, Phoenix—not to mention an over abundance of galleries and antique shops.
Jackson Square is a mere 15-minute stroll through the adjacent French Quarter.
In the opinion of many, Faubourg Marigny, our neighborhood, has become the more bohemian extension of the French Quarter, increasingly becoming the neighborhood of choice for writers, painters, musicians, street entertainers and artists of all sorts.
Throughout the old, French district, you will see artists painting on the streets, musicians “jamming”— French doors of bars and restaurants flung open, beckoning you to enter.
This is the real New Orleans. Our nearby Country Club offers a large pool (clothing optional), full bar, and lunch and dinner most of the year at a daily rate.
We love to host nice, relaxed people— people who enjoy new surroundings and experiences— people who can “go with the flow”.
We try to steer clear of the formal, pretentious crowd— no “putting on airs” here.
No children or pets, and there is a 3-night minimum and a limit of two persons to a room.
We met in Copenhagen, got engaged in Helsinki, got married in Canada, and now run our B&B in New Orleans :-)
Please come stay with us if you think we’re your kind of place.
And remember that our place is “funky”, with a “decrepit New Orleans vibe”— kind of shabby chic— and chock full of interesting stuff all around.
Ray & Kim

2316 Dauphine St.  New Orleans, 70117