Gallier Historic House
Gallier Historic House

Gallier Historic House

1132 Royal St  New Orleans, 70116
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Explore 19th-century New Orleans with the Gallier family!

In the mid 19th-century, James Gallier Jr. was one of the most prominent architects of New Orleans. His design work found an enthusiastic audience of civic leaders, businessmen, and affluent families. In 1857, Gallier put his considerable talent to work designing a residence of his own. He and his wife, Algae Villavaso, as well as their four young daughters moved into the Creole townhouse with four enslaved workers in 1860 on the brink of the Civil War. Our story spans the heartbreaking era of a nation in crisis, freedom and opportunity – through the eyes of a hopeful young family.

Gallier’s fascinating innovations in engineering and architecture are featured throughout the property. From indoor plumbing to ventilation ideas, Gallier was at the forefront of technological advances. Throughout his architecture, and most notably his home, Gallier pays homage to the architecture of western Europe. His home features both classical and Italianate features.

The Gallier House is an outstanding example of accurate and comprehensive historic restoration of one of New Orleans’ loveliest and time-honored landmarks. We invite you to experience with us the story of this architectural jewel and those that lived and worked on the property. Our walk through includes a masterfully restored historic garden, elegant carriageway, and restored slave quarters in addition to the Gallier family furnished home.

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1132 Royal St  New Orleans, 70116