DJ Kidd Love - Dragon's Den
DJ Kidd Love - Dragon's Den

First laying his hands on his first turntables at the age of only 12, Kidd had no idea the journey he was about to
embark on. For that touch was he needed to know that this is what he wanted to do with his life.This New Orleans native loved digging through his uncles milk crates of records, and constantly wanting to find out more about
this art he has been struck by. This drove him to dedicate his time and effort to become one of the best. Looking up to DJ’s such as Mix Master Mike, Qbert, Beat Junkies, Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Roc Raida, his technique,
style, and knowledge of music grew greater.While most kids where playing football, or soccer at the park, Kidd was at home scratching records. Never was he afraid to run with the veterans of this scene. Constantly practicing day in and day out Kidd is always on the grind. Doing homework, Training,
Getting new music, writing new music, and working on his plan to take over the world. What can be said about Kidd
that has not already been said? Young, Dedicated, and a Contender.
Dates and Times:
May 26, 201910:00 pmUntil Close
June 2, 201910:00 pmUntil Close
June 9, 201910:00 pmUntil Close
June 16, 201910:00 pmUntil Close
June 23, 201910:00 pmUntil Close
June 30, 201910:00 pmUntil Close
435 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, 70116
435 Esplanade Ave  New Orleans, 70116