Sean Caillouette
Sean Caillouette

Sean Caillouette

Sean Caillouette, born in New Orleans in 1972, moved to Boulder Colorado in 1990, where he attended the University of Colorado, after graduating with honors from Jesuit High School. Having acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with a major in Advertising, He returned to New Orleans and began working as an ad designer for various publications under the NOPG umbrella, before returning to Boulder to pursue a short lived but successful career in screen printing, then devoting himself to becoming a commercial digital artist. In 1997 he opened a small design studio and his most influential client was the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Having seen the lines blurred between commercial and fine art, Sean delved into creative writing (his first major in college), painting, illustration, photography and digital printing, using art as a creative outlet and as a way to promote himself as a designer. Sean's most prominent art form is the contemporary movement known as digital art, which had it's true art beginnings and acceptance as early as 1990.

In 2001 Sean returned to greater New Orleans, keeping a few clients and his studio, venturing into web programming, yet creating art when the work was slow or out of pure necessity.

Having exhibited at CACNO in the early 2000's, Tulane and Studio Inferno in more recent times, Sean saw promise in his new styles, breaking away from his beginnings and venturing into the art world with more logic and understanding as opposed to being a free form creative full of self expression and unguarded but refined ingenuity.

Keeping Studio Caillouette alive while pursuing of a myriad of interests has been a challenge, but well worth the evolving changes in the dynamic industry of design, art, writing, and programming. Still in pursuit of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you can find Sean in yoga classes, art exhibits, watching the hippos at the zoo, tech and creative meetups, art libraries, riding his bike around the city, in a variety of social scenes on various occasions, or most of time working like an exotic official in his studio on the latest and greatest, best projects he tends to bring on board from anywhere and everywhere round the continental US and possibly abroad.
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