Monica McIntyre
Artist, Cellist, Singer, Lyricist, Wellness Advocate and Healer; these are a few titles which could be used to describe Monica McIntyre. As a musician Monica weaves a beautiful tapestry of colors and sounds so vivid and unique that one genre simply cannot cover it all. She seamlessly blends: Blues, Soul, Classical, Jazz, Reggae and Middle Eastern sounds with the unique cello techniques of: slapping, plucking and strumming, into an unforgettable musical landscape.

Seeing her perform onstage is an enthralling experience and before you know it you'll be swaying or stomping your feet alongside the mesmerizing sounds of her cello. The meticulous storytelling, metaphor and word play that dominate her lyrics cause her songs to be seen and heard as succinct novellas. Her voice, with it's smoky texture and emotional quality, has left audiences crying, dancing, laughing and testifying.